About Us

There is power behind the mask. Together, we can overcome anything.

Masks by KT is online fashionable masks and accessories boutique offering handcrafted fabric face masks made in the USA and our High Performance masks made in Thailand. 

The Ladybug symbol on our logo represents good fortune, good luck, and protection in many culture. According to legend, during the Middle Ages, European crops were plagued by pests. Farmers prayed for protection of their crops, and soon after, the farmers begin to see beneficial ladybugs in their fields, and the crops were miraculously saved from the pests. Today, farmers in the West still use Ladybugs to protect their crops from pests. Additionally, the art of arranging spaces for optimum flow of energy called Feng Shui often incorporates the ladybug symbol for good luck. This is simply a symbol to remind us that something so small, yet can be so powerful and uplifting in the minds of those who believe.